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  • Where ever you live regional power cut schedule? Today many people have started to ask each other giggle ...
  • Experience buy generators

    Experience buy generators

    Date Posted: 26/12/2013

  • Where ever you live regional power cut schedule? Today many people have started to ask each other giggle generators to equip their rooms when the power grid.
    It's hard when sitting around without going to the market survey of generators to write this post, then had to sit here writing this way.

    Basically , the generator in the civil machines emit an alternating current phase capacity appropriate to the needs of its users . Currently, I see three types of electric generators following users often buy in [ 1 ] :

    Generators branded clone famous brands , often originating from China , run by gasoline .
    Generators of well-known brands such as Honda , gasoline .
    Type generator combustion engines used like conventional warhead , running on diesel ( or less than gasoline ) .

    You have questions , I think you might have the following two questions :
    - The electric generator will be able to provide the voltage for use in all types of electrical appliances in the home ? True .

    - The machine is famous brand more durable , better than any imitation or counterfeit goods but do not be manufactured with local scale in China are very much on the market today ? Yeah , who does not know that.

    So what still needs to read this post again .

    But here I want to talk about some of his experiences when choosing to buy generators , because you can save the cost of buying a cheap generator , but the consequences of making you take the larger amount of investment a good machine, because it has caused damage to your electrical equipment . Furthermore , I would like to share some effective methods used by the generator to limit its effects cause . Please understand that this is my experience in the process of buying generator in previous years - finally choose the correct machine code label with an illustration on - and the use , storage and maintenance of its ) .

    Why is this so ? Because of a recent discussion of the agency brother in my opinion for that : To save , simply use buy cheap generator alone , because prevention is key , not continuous generators should not necessarily have to use the machine , good brand reputation .

    Frequency is the most important factor

    Frequency is the most important factor that people use to ignore . The only known buy generator , start the engine , and so the use of conventional power equipment . Frequency is usually coupled with the output voltage , but the manufacturers do not focus on output voltage adjustment by their frequency .

    In the use of conventional devices such as incandescent lamps , electric fireplace , some kind of electrical equipment operation based on principles such as DC motors . Can work well with the frequency fluctuations are not too large . But the electronic devices are required frequency stability .

    Typically, the generator will have combustion engines , this engine turns the generator . To ensure stable output frequency at a level appropriate to the local grid ( to match the local equipment that ) spinning at top speed , the generator must not change . What will happen when the output power consumption increase ? Without the adjustment , the moment the engine rotation speed will be reduced , and lower output frequency . Want to adjust to not change the frequency generator to increase gas , which means increasing the amount of gas ( or oil ) into the combustion chamber so they can more transmit power level for the first generator .

    Thus we found that the most important is how to adjust the generator can always stay at a fixed frequency when the output power level changes . This adjustment makes up a brand new generator is guaranteed or not guaranteed for screaming electric sensitivity . As the voltage , why ? Was not there an adjustment on it ? In fact , the first generator is designed to work with a certain capacity depends on the machine code (model ) , the winding ways of ensuring that the player has to spin at a certain speed will enable us to provide a fixed voltage . Thus the frequency tuning voltage is also adjustable .

    These generators are manufactured at scale in the local private sector in China can not ensure the output frequency adjustment a quick and flexible as the generator of the firm with names such as ELEMAX , Honda ...

    For the hybrid generator by a diesel engine with an explosive player is extremely dangerous in controlling the operating frequency . I have witnessed firsthand a generator at home so his friends : When you look closely , I have not noticed any automatic mechanism to adjust fuel flow to adjust the rotation speed of generator parts at all . If the electrical equipment such as computers , televisions , player or stereo mp3/VCD/DVD people use power from the generators of this type are not quickly damaged equipment will severely reduced life expectancy . So you should not use this generator for common recreation with sensitive electronic equipment with power , but only for the air conditioner , fan , refrigerator only when necessary . Of course , the scale of industrial production ( as I see in some cases ) then this machine proved to be cost effective with low investment and high output power .

    When using the
    Regardless , the increased frequency will decrease occurred , but at the time they were or how much control it. I know that all the engine power increased and decreased after a certain period of time - may not happen immediately , so there is always a moment generator and the belly was a sudden increase in the frequency time when power consumption is changed .

    To avoid this point , you should use a stable device power consumption when using generators . If you turn on the power switch as a normal 21in TV , you 'll notice a common agreement on the crazy machine 1/2 seconds (for its generator ELEMAX ) then began to stabilize . It is a time of transition in the power of the other TVs ( in essence , they charged into the capital from high capacitance , and this process is very complicated , hope I can remember to write a all of it ) , and suddenly consumes a large capacity and strategic causing frequency fluctuations . It is similar to a computer, they also make great fluctuations in frequency in the first period .

    Using stability is how we can put together a startup ready mode to power the generator system start up process is complete and ready for operation stability . This means that should ban television , on the source computer , turn them switch two devices , but did not turn to the right . After the blast generator in idle mode , the closed-circuit beginner level grid system family . Other electrical devices low power ( about 100W each device ) is not affected in frequency when they are turned on or off during use .

    I recommend that you do not use the TV at the same time , and a screaming computer power consumption instability such as refrigerators and washing machines . Two screaming this work cycle : Refrigerators are working to break the critical temperature and , until the temperature gets too low , they turned the gas compressor motors , washing machine while it is almost constant change direction of rotation should be large fluctuations in power consumption .

    According to Tman
    Sources http://tman75hd.blogspot.com
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