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  • GNP Series

    Product Information

  • The GPN series is what we consider the standard series of oil burners — the series is a full line that answers customers' range of needs, spanning capacities from small-scale units burning 5L/h up to large-scale units at 400L/h. The units include a number of features, starting of course with an elemental on/off control for unit operation, a solenoid damper developed originally here, a damper motor controlling air volume, and a low-high control solenoid valve that modulates fuel volume (in both WE and WEM types). The fuel types usable include lamp oil/kerosene, heavy oil and light oil. This unit type can have an oil heater installed for operation in cold districts. Setting up outfitted with an oil heater for cold district use, using B-type or C-type heavy oil. Note: The spray angle used as standard is 60°. Note: GPN-40 and GPN-50 employ simultaneous ignition at 2 nozzles.