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  • Equipment gas leak alert

    Product Information

  • Warning devices used in gas leakage apartments
    Currently, gas has become an indispensable source of fuel during production as well as in daily life of people . But after a series of gas explosions occurred recently , the new people pay much attention to the warning device gas leak . With so many causes gas leak , a long extension cord , broken stove valve , valve locks forget the kitchen ... Can cause an explosion and major damage to property and lives of your family , Anh Minh Co. would like to introduce to you WARNING SYSTEM GAS LEAK BEAGLE - Origin YTALY
    When gas leakage sensor activation
    emits a warning beep sounds continuously
    Operating Range : 5 % .. 20 % LEL ( * )
    Green on : operation status
    A yellow light : Error
    Bright red light : Alarm
    Shell Color : white (RAL 9003) Material : ABS
    Dimensions: 85 x 107 x 38 mm ( W x H x D )
    Weight: ~ 260gr
    Price : 1,200,000 USD ( 2 Year Warranty )

    To you and your family really feel safe in her own home , our solutions help you detect gas leaks and gas lock automatically when there are incidents thuong.Thiet gas leak was BEAGLE - ITALY our selection and distribution in Vietnam to bring high reliability safety for customers , with criteria " safety First"

    - Remove the front panel of the device with a front screw
    - Connect the power cable to the 220V power supply connection point 2 N & L
    - In case of using the automatic lock function using gas solenoid valve , connecting with N ( 3 ) , a first solenoid valve connected to N , the other end connected to ( 4 ) .
    - Use 2 screws included with the device device fastened to the wall , high efficiency equipment when installed in locations close to the source may generate gas leak , the warning device should be installed close to average gas from 20 to 50cm , and way off the floor or kitchen cabinets about 20 to 30cm .

    - For the first time the device after power supply 220V , the device will automatically recognize the surrounding environment , light source , light yellow light will report about 30 seconds , followed by bright red light attached whistle . In this case, you should wait until the yellow lights , red lights , and siren cry (about 60 seconds ) and the only remaining source of bright green light , which means that the device works well in average conditions often no gas leakage .
    - When a gas leak , if not at risk of passing yellow light warns , and you need to check the gas leakage .
    - If gas leakage serious light and red light will alert siren call . Immediately you have to lock in gas tank gas valve . Not to generate any spark , as restart gas stoves , lighters , manipulate switching devices in the home . Must contact directly with the gas supply , or the expertise to test and repair thoroughly .

    Please contact us for product owner to ensure the safety of your family:
    Holine: 0988 800 600
    Email: amctrading@ymail.com

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