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  • Body air-conditioner

    Product Information

  • Features and Benefits of the Personal Cooling Vest:
     • Vest collar unfolds to deliver cool air flow to neck and face
     • Cooling vest has no moving parts- exceptionally reliable
     • Vest uses filtered compressed air.
     • Vest features easy temperature adjustment
     • No Freon or water lines are necessary for cooling process.
     • Vests can be worn under protective outer clothing
     • Provides continuous cooled air delivery to the cooling vest
     • Vest allows full range of motion with no airflow restrictions
     • Separate respiratory air source is required
     • Not intended to provide protection from hazardous conditions

    Personal Cooling Vest Applications:

    Unlike "ice pack" type cooling vests, the vest offers consistent and continuous
    cooling to minimize heat stress and increase worker productivity in hot
    surroundings. The cooling vest allows full range of motion with no airflow
    restrictions and can be worn under welding leathers or protective clothing.
    VC20015 are especially popular for workers operating in or near:
    Casting    Shops; Boiler Rooms; Steel Mills; Glass Plants; Power Plants
    Forging Shops; Foundries; Powder Coating; Sand Blasting
    Paint Baking Operations   ; Welding Operations; Refrigerated Lockers

    Smelters   ; Mines; Asbestos Abatement; Hazardous Waste Removal
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