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  • Scissor table lift 1500kg

    Product Information

  • Product's Name:                      Scissor Table Lift 1500kg
    Manufacture:                             AMC

    Model:                                        AMC/2.5-3/1.5T
    Table side:                                2500 (W) x 2000 (D) x 2700 (H)
    Capacity:                                   1500kg
    Max. Height:                              Hmax = 2700mm
    Min. Height:                               Hmin = 700mm
    Lifting Stroke:                           S = 2000mm
    Liting time:                               C/T =42s
    Lowering time:                        Adjusttable by flow control valve
    Motor:                                       AC 380V, 3phase (50Hz)
    Operation:                               Up & Down Ingching
    Control Voltage:                     DC24V

    Optional Items:
    1. Hose break valve: Yes
    2. Safety trip bar: Yes
    3. Maintenance bar: Yes
    4. Lip plate: Yes
    5. Guide rail: No
    6. Handrail: Yes
    7. Table top: None - slip steel plate