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  • Technology Transfer

  • Technology Transfer

    In our 21st Century , The Age of Science and Technology , all enterpreneurs are much in finding out a proper Concerned for Their technology enterprise . Technology plays a very Important and vital role in success or failure of the enterprise . Enterpreneurs always have to look for , study and decide đó kind of technology will có trong enterprise use . They are to make Decision printing technology to choose a proper consideration and balance inputs Among Including Their financial capability , production demand , products , Environmental protection , Labour force , ... This matter is never easy to any enterpreneurs .

    AMC provides service technology transfer in order to assist enterpreneurs to find out a proper technology is suitable for Their Demands Furniture . We are " bridge " Between Enterprises and technology sources , who are ready to sell & transfer tình good technology for end - users . AMC have built close relationships with our Prestigious and famous makers , technology providers who can transfer Their latest , modern , clean and green technology to end - users in Viet Nam for Sustainable Enterprises and our development of English society in general .

    We are strong with the theo Providing services in :

    - Consultancy in technology transfer
    - Introduction of new technology
    - Technology transfer
    - Consultancy to Enterprises feasible to do research and find out suitable technology