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  • Trade

  • Imports
    We have learned much about Viet Nam imports through our experience & profound knowledge in trading field. With a large & fast-developing market of over 85 millions people, Viet Nam imports a wide range of products and at large quantities. We mostly import machinery & equipment, hi-tech products, electronics, consumer goods, medical & laboratory equipment,... valued at tens of billions of USD annually. We have built our good relationships with many big importers here who have used our services for years. We are also very familiar with our Customs regulations and import procedures, which are not always easy and clear to foreign traders. In addition, we are very skilled at transport by sea, by air or multi-modal transport methods to bring the goods to this market at a low costs and in due time.

    What can we do & support you in this field?

    ·         Sales representative in Viet Nam.
    ·         Sales agent.
    ·         Providing market information as per your inquiry.
    ·         Market research.
    ·         Product promotion.
    ·         Organizing seminars to introduce products.
    ·         Organizing fair & exhibition.
    ·         Sales promotion.
    ·         After-sales service.
    ·         Customer service.
    ·         And all relevant matters.


    With regard to the export from Viet Nam, we also have experience and knowledge in this field. We have close relations with many Vietnamese exporters who can provide all kind of goods that we export i.e.: agricultural products, handicraft products, raw materials, garments, shoes, embroidered products, wooden furniture,... We are also expert in export procedures and customs formalities for export. Furthermore, we can choose the best way for you to send your goods to any destination ports at a competitive price & with proper transit time as we have good relations with many shipping lines & airlines operating in Viet Nam.

    What can we do & support you in export from Viet Nam?

    ·         Sales agent for Vietnamese handicraft.
    ·         Collection of traditional products of Viet Nam.
    ·        Sales promotion for products of Viet Nam.
    ·         Providing market information, international fair & exhibition .
    ·         Market research.
    ·         Organizing overseas fair & exhibition.
    ·         Sales developments.
    ·         And all relevant matters.

    We can provide a wide range of products for export including:

    ·         Sorted & fine handicrafts
    ·         Fine china, ceramic & porcelain ware
    ·         Wooden furniture
    ·         Lacquer ware
    ·         Silk & embroideries
    ·         Rattan & bamboo ware
    ·         Stone & marble products

    The last thing you should not miss is that we have a gentle, professional & aggressive sales team; highly-trained and experience site staffs. This will ensure you of our high quality services rendered to customers.

    Our Philosophy in doing business:    

    -          Right choice for right quality of credible brand-names
    -          Reasonable price
    -          Right delivery
    -          Supporting in after-sales services
    -          Technical consultancy & solution to any inquiries of customers